Last years charity tournament was monumental and this year proves to be even bigger.

Teams from all over the UK will be competing to ensure the memories of loved lost ones stay alive, raising awareness and hopefully winning prizes/money for their charities/causes.

Enter to play for anything close to your heart. Bring family, friends, bring your heart to play with, for and against good people who make a difference.

Last Years Donations

WINNERS – Power Circle 7 donated £1200 to three different charities and causes

JVJM – Auctioned Wayne Rooneys boots and donated the proceeds to St. Mary’s church

Runners Up – Vision FC walked away with a signed Manchester United shirt and Michael Carricks boots. They used the money gained from raffles/auctions to set up a fitness gym in memory of their very close friend Big Joe.

This Year

Saturday 25th June 2016


The Hive Training Centre

Camrose Avenue, London, HA8 6AG

Come and make your difference.